My Top 3 Coffee Shops in Los Angeles


Located in Culver City. This place is defiantly one of my favorite coffee shops in Los Angeles. Coffee, food, the vibe, the people, I love everything about this place. Plus free parking. My 2 favorite coffee drinks are pour over and latte with Oat Milk (they use Happy Planet oat milk brand, yum).  For Matcha Lover, must try Strawberries & Cream Iced Matcha.  Food menu has a lot of great options, Saucy Egg Muffin and California Bowl is my fav.

2. MARU COFFEE. They have 2 shops one in Arts Districts and one in Silver Lake. Both locations are great to explore, but what I enjoy the most its their seasonal Pour Over selection. They just always get it right! My Coffee Lover friend loves signature beverage Cream Top. The staff is super nice. 

3. PANDING... ;)